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How to Activate your gifts as a deep feeling, intuitive & empathic entrepreneur

Discover once and for all what it means to be born with high sensory abilities and how to use them in business, life and career.


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This knowledge can be literally life changing for anyone born with these incredible traits. Learn how! 

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  • Tuesday, 13th October 2020,  at 2 pm


Do you feel deeply? Are you highly attuned to your own and other people's feelings? Do you care deeply about bringing change to world that sometimes seems difficult to explain to others? Do you know yourself to be resilient yet sometimes referred to as being too sensitive? It is very likely that you were born with a powerful set of personality traits giving you what is becoming know as a high sensory intelligence. Yet are you struggling to find flow and ease in your business life? Do you feel driven to run a business in alignment with your purpose and innate abilities but just can't seem to make it work to the level you know you is possible? Unless we are given the opportunity to witness these gifts in us from an objective point of view it can be nearly impossible to understand how to bring it into service for the benefit of ourselves and the people we are born to serve. 


Willow McIntosh

I am the founder of Inluminance and leader of the High Sensory Intelligence movement. When it comes to understanding what it means to be a highly spiritual, soul conscious person and self employed in business, there is no other area that life has challenged and trained me more profoundly. I was born with skills as an entrepreneur mixed with a powerful drive to succeed with incredibly high sensitivity. A mix that led to many years of misery and depression as I tried to work out why it was so hard for me to be successful and self employed. Unique circumstances during my childhood led to the burying of my authentic self and a complete rejection of who I really was. This in turn led to a complete misplacement of the gifts I was born with and a further rejection of my spiritual nature. It was only when I discovered that my true nature was in fact the greatest gift I could have ever asked for, that everything changed. That my entire business was supposed to be based on my gifts, no matter how different they seemed to be from other business owners. However it was how this happened that really made the difference. A framework of self ownership finally came to me after years of searching. A process exclusively for soul conscious people who experience the world differently. I began to carve my own path into understanding how people with high sensory gifts can learn to use their genetic traits to their advantage. As an adult this led to a lifelong enquiry and practise into learning powerful energetic alignment techniques to re-engage with the authentic self. I believe that all people with these traits have the ability to tap into a unique skill that draws on a deeper sensory perception. Founded in your own life experience and self development you have the capacity to facilitate great transformation and development in others. Having successfully facilitated the development of seven figure businesses my practise has taken me all over the world. Speaking internationally, training in a broad range of fields and facilitating others for more than twenty years. I now specialise in facilitating soul conscious people to activate them into service in alignment with their gifts and purpose and to support them to take their own businesses to the next level towards business automation and leadership.

During this class, You will discover 

  • The secret to discovering your own reality

    The way in which you see the world through the eyes of high sensory intelligence is unique. It is accurately designed to support the very way in which you are here to serve. This process enables you to witness it for yourself often for the first time allowing you take full ownership.

  • The cause in your life that is most important to you

    Ever since you were a child there will have been a calling that you hold most dear. Everything pivots around the discovery of this from a place of deep acknowledgement. Once this is seen from a place of higher awareness the meaning of one's life will take on a whole new perspective. 

    • The journey of your life holds the key

      As a high sensory lightworker life will have been challenging you in a particular area. By seeing this in an entirely new light you will be able to reframe it in such a way it will reveal your area of expertise. Furthermore you will get a pwerful insight into who your ideal clients are. 

    • Your Strategy for career & business

      When it comes to your career and business, you need a stategy that is aligned with your high sensory abilities. There must be an ownership of these in order for your strategy to be revealed, otherwise we are going to be working against ourselves. 


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